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Cait and Kara are two moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. We might not have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.
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Nov 21, 2017

Hygge is everywhere right now - you know why?

It's awesome!

Hygge doesn't have a direct translation into English, but the closest word is probably coziness. So in this episode, the sisters are talking twinkle lights, cocoa, books, games, recipes and other ways to slow down your homeschool and embrace the most hyggeligt time of year.

This episode is sponsored by Raddish Kids! Get kids of all ages cooking with a Raddish Kids subscription. The kitchen is definitely the tastiest place to learn, and Raddish helps kids explore math, science, culture, and more. Use the code PODCAST for $15 off a 6- or 12-month membership. Head to Raddish Kids to download a free lesson.

Nov 7, 2017

The sisters are joined by Kortney Garrison from One Deep Drawer, and the trio is chatting personality!

They talk Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, Love Languages, and lots of Gretchen Rubin. But they also break-down WHY learning about personality can be valuable, and how personality, and knowing ourselves better, impacts our homeschools.

There's so much goodness in this episode!

This episode is sponsored by Raddish Kids. 

Get kids of all ages cooking with a Raddish Kids subscription. The kitchen is definitely the tastiest place to learn, and Raddish helps kids explore math, science, culture, and more. Use the code PODCAST for $15 off a 6- or 12-month membership. Head to Raddish Kids to download a free lesson. 

Oct 24, 2017

In this episode, the sisters are talking meal planning, shopping, and how to keep our homeschoolers fed with their pal Samantha Barnes!

Samantha is the founder of Raddish Kids, a homeschool mom of two, and a culinary instructor who knows what it's really like to try to get dinner on the table when there's already a volcano on said table.

The trio chat dinnertime stress, why homeschoolers seem to be hungry ALL THE TIME, picky selective eaters and time saving hacks.

Listen to this one as you load your crockpot!

This episode is sponsored by:

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- Raddish Kids: Get kids of all ages cooking and learning with a  Raddish Kids subscription. The kitchen is definitely the tastiest place to learn, and Raddish helps kids explore math, science, culture and more. Use the code PODCAST for $15 off a 6- or 12-month membership. And head to to learn more and download a free lesson.

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Oct 10, 2017

The sisters are hopping in their homeschool time machine today and looking back on what they've learned.

Listen in as Cait and Kara talk about how they got started homeschooling, what they would have done less of and what they would have done more of, and hear how they're applying what they've learned to their homeschools now.

Come reminisce with the girls!

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Sep 26, 2017

The Sisters are 25!!

Of course. You didn't think they were older, right?

In this new episode, Cait and Kara take your questions. It's mostly a homeschool husband-themed episode - will homeschooling destroying your marriage? and how much money does this homeschooling business cost anyway? - but there's also a bit of tea discussion at the end.

So join the sisters as they talk it out and give you their recommendations on everything from favorite tea blends to why date night isn't always the answer.

Sep 12, 2017

The sisters are back for season 3, and today, they're chatting how to teach your kids survival without setting your house (or chicken coop) on fire.

They're also sharing their thoughts about homeschooling this fall, and lots of fun resources including Epic! which is offering a coupon code for readers.

The girls are thrilled to be back for a brand new season - they've missed all their virtual sisters out there!!

Jul 31, 2017

The sisters are checking in to let you know what they've been reading, what their kids have been reading, and how fall planning is going. Hint: It's kind of not yet.

Plus, they're sharing a new favorite resource, Epic!, which is like the Netflix of kids books, you guys! They're offering a coupon code to all of you to try it for FREE - so listen for the details, or head to our site to -


Jun 27, 2017

The sisters are popping in to update a previous episode about solo parenting with what they've learned recently.

It turns out that you shouldn't try to quit caffeine and meet big deadlines while you husband is out of town!

Listen in as the sisters catch-up, share what they're reading, and talk about how to make solo parenting a little easier.

For the show notes to the episode, search for Episode 3 at!

May 29, 2017

In this episode the girls are talking all things summer, and how to take a structured break.

Even if we homeschool year-round, we all need a little breather this summer! But how do we take a summer vacation that doesn't turn into chaos and end with chasing a wet dog off the trampoline?

The sisters share their ideas, and what they're doing this summer with their kids - outdoor projects, laid-back learning and even a new idea for handling household chores.

And head's up sisters - this is the last episode of Season 2. Cait + Kara will be taking their own "structured break," until early August - but don't worry, they are working on lots of fun episodes for Season 3 and will be bringing you some updated episodes from the first two seasons this summer!

May 15, 2017

The sisters are chatting books! Yeah!

They're sharing fun books, plus books to get you ready for homeschooling *next* year - what Cait calls, "Poolside Professional Development" books. (Doesn't that sound so fancy?!)

The gals are going to help load your Amazon cart, or make the librarian look at you a little funny, but you'll also get a ton of ideas for books that take you away from it all, and then get you inspired for next year.

Warning: Don't try to keep up with them all while listening - we're linking to all of them in the show notes for this episode - just head to

Apr 25, 2017

Are you a blogger, or working mama? Or are you just curious how the business of blogging works behind the scenes?

The sisters are joined this week by one of their very favorite bloggers and owner of the Learning Well Community, Alicia Hutchinson!

Listen in as they chat about the myth of "balance," and how Alicia and the sisters tackle homeschooling, work, parenting and homemaking without losing their minds.

Plus, learn why you shouldn't blog for money. At least, not at first!

If you're a working mama or interested in working from home, this episode is a great place to start!

Apr 10, 2017

The sisters are answering your questions in this episode - from dads who distract (often with plans that are more fun!), to testing, to weekly homeschool planning.

They also chat about homeschooling kids with special needs and how organizational systems save their bacon. So pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and listen in as Cait and Kara share their ideas.

Note: You could also pour yourself a giant bowl of potato chips ... wink!

Mar 27, 2017

The sisters get questions about screens all the time! So in this episode, they're phoning a friend - The amazing Mary Wilson from NotBefore7!

Mary has a great strategy in her home, and she has found peace with this topic, so you're going to love hearing what she has to say.

Cait and Kara chat with Mary about all the most common screen questions they receive: How much is too much? How do you find balance between "learning" screen time and "play" screen time? Is technology a monster? Or manageable?

And finally, is homeschooling moving more toward technology? If so, how can we embrace that?

There is so much wisdom from Mary in this episode! It's like a deep breath for worried parents!

Mar 14, 2017

Is it normal for your homeschooler to have strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects? How much should you worry about keeping your child at grade level? Is there a way to know what your child *should* be learning?

This week, the homeschool sisters dive into these questions and offer up some thoughts about the "standards," plus how to keep from worrying all the time. 

They chat about kid quirks, dealing with state requirements, grandma doubts and dad concerns. And mostly, they remind you that all kids naturally develop on their own timelines, so don't fret - you've got this!

Feb 27, 2017

Cait and Kara have been joking about this episode for months and finally made it happen. Warning: This episode might not be appropriate for tiny children, sensitive spouses, grandparents, pastors ... Also, there is some giggling.

Because the sisters are getting REAL about being a woman, and how that can affect homeschooling. From cramps to PMS to whether or not being bloated and angry should earn you a sick day from co-op, the gals hope you'll be able to relate to this episode.

And that you don't run away screaming.

Because there's 16 other episodes where they don't mention this stuff.

Feb 12, 2017

In this episode the sisters are answering YOUR questions! Cait + Kara get such great questions from you all, so they're addressing several of them, from finding your tribe, to keeping homeschooling legal, to chores! They even share some ideas for other podcasts.

Also, Cait is caught in a Nor'Easter, so Kara sends her a Saint Bernard with a barrel full of tequila. Snow margaritas!

Pop the gals in your ears, and let's have some fun!

Jan 23, 2017

Oh February. It's a short month, but for homeschoolers, it can feel like it drags for about 2 years. But don't worry, mamas - Cait and Kara have you covered.

In this episode, the sisters talk about how February is basically like homeschool PMS, "the husband shuffle," lazy unit studies, and a ton of fun resources including one that Cait terms "math dessert!" Plus, the gals spill the beans about their MASSIVE February giveaway.

So don't worry, homeschool mamas - February is notoriously hard, but you've got this, sister!

Jan 9, 2017

The sisters are talking winter (homeschool) survival in the first episode of Season 2! Listen in to their intentions for the new year (it has a bad word in it, you guys!), how they are keeping a Christmas Break feeling in their homeschools and ways to bring hygge, or togetherness and coziness to your everyday.

Feeling overwhelmed already by short, dark days? The sisters are back, baby, and they've got some ideas to make winter feel joyful and warm, even when it's really darn cold outside!